Writer, herb-lover, rabble-rouser, thrill-seeker. Anti-this-and-that but also dreaming. 

I am a grief & trauma worker who uses plants, breath, and words to explore survivorhood, body(ies) and healing. 

I am an herbalist, facilitate 1:1 and small group breathwork sessions, and am a writer & writing workshop facilitator. I have the most fun when all of those things come together to support people in their unique healing process. My practice supports people of all genders who are looking to address trauma, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, substance use & misuse, c-PTSD & PTSD and more. And who are looking to invite in more clarity, purpose, intentionality, joy, connection to themselves and/or spirit, and ease into their lives.

I welcome any and everyone who desires support and healing. In the last decade, I’ve worked with many different people navigating a whole host of what comes our way in life. Much of my work has been directly in service to and with survivors of sexual violence, in particular queer, transgender and gender non-conforming survivors.

I am queer and a survivor of multiple forms of violence. I began this work in the mid-2000’s raising money for organizations, transitioned into being a rape crisis counselor in an emergency room and worked for a short time in a community organizing project before I left to focus on putting together an anthology highlighting LGBTQ survivors experiences, which was released in April 2016. Over my time working in anti-violence work, I became acutely aware that the larger mainstream anti-sexual violence movement is not (yet) equipped to meet the needs of LGBTQ populations. I also felt myself drawn to healing work, both supporting others in their process and working more closely with healing my own trauma, depression, anxiety & substance misuse. 


The first survivor I ever began work with was myself, as I began to realize I hadn’t addressed years on years of trauma resulting in complex PTSD. I love being in community with other survivors. It’s where I feel most at home and seen. I love doing work outside the medical industrial complex that supports healing & supports people as they give language to their own experience. 

A queer and trans affirming, trauma-informed herbalist & breathworker, I offer sliding scale care as a practitioner with The Breathe Network as well as through my own practice. I also offer (and have offered in the past) writing and breathwork workshops at healing centers throughout NYC, LGBTQ centers, a Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish healing center, a needle exchange and harm reduction clinic, veterans hospitals, online with the Transformative Language Arts Network, sexual violence resource centers, the collective What Would an HIV Doula Do?, and at colleges and universities. I am tuned in to hearing and translating the stories of our bodies, tuned into somatic and embodied expression to move through the places that are stuck, hurting and grieving. 

I’m excited to share that The Power of Breathwork: Simple Practices to Promote Well-Being is being published on January 28th, 2020. Editor of the unique anthology Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Violence Movement, I have had writing published in VIDA, 580 Split, HandJob ZineOCHO: A Journal of Queer Arts, the Outrider ReviewThe Establishment and on The Feminist Wire. I am also the creative nonfiction editor for Hematopoiesis Press, an online literary journal focused on bodies and language.

I’ve had opportunities to share my work across the country, leading breathwork, herb workshops, giving keynotes and lectures at a number of universities, colleges, non-profits, and conferences.

I work towards providing care that is in line with and accountable to healing justice & disability justice spaces (and want to recognize the legacy of activists, writers and healers who have been creating a language and framework for these spaces for a long time as they ground them in queer and trans communities, poor and working class communities and communities of color-- people like Mia MingusLeah Lakshmi Piepzna-SamarasinhaKay Ulanday Barrett, Stacey Milburn, billie rainEjeris Dixon, Dori Midnight, Emi Koyama and so many other people). I want to provide care that is accessible in multiple ways; through interrogating how ableism and oppression impacts people and how we are able to access care, through recognizing the impacts of racism, transphobia & transmisogyny, homophobia, fatphobia, slut-shaming and classism and on and on. 

I work through a harm reduction lens meaning I support people where they are at, my process is people-centered, and I bring curiosity, not judgement, to substance use and misuse. I’ve been lucky to lead somatic writing workshops at a needle exchange in NYC since 2016.

With an early 20's past life in fashion design, I now use my hands to map and mark the body through movable states of (dis)embodiment. A graduate of Goddard College's MA program in 2016, I am finishing a book project that translates the embodied experience of a queer survivor of multiple forms of violence. In it I weave together theory, social justice movement work, literary sources, creative non-fiction, embroidery, radical somatic and healing arts practices and more. 

I feel a kindred kind of love and respect for survivors of multitude of traumas. I admire our willingness to sit with what is profoundly complicated and difficult. I admire our tenacity and resilience, our searching for healing, our willingness to settle into the life-long continuum of healing. I admire our desires to shift and grow into aliveness. 

Additional Training & Study

2016 MA in Individualized Studies at Goddard Collegethesis on translating embodied traumatic experience through somatic practices and critical and creative nonfiction.

2009 Community Organizer & Facilitator for a project on sexual violence in a community in Brooklyn

2009 Rape Crisis Counselor Training, St. Vincent's Hospital for overnight on-call patient advocacy

2019 8 week Awakening Energy Work & Breathwork Course, Jessica Dibb & team

2019 Breathwork Healer Training 3, David Elliott

2017 Breathwork Healer Training 1, Erin Telford

2017 Full Day Training, Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Integration, The Psychedelic Education & Continuing Care Program

2016 Certificate of Completion, Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, Andrew Tatarsky, The Center for Optimal Living & The New School for Social Research

Selection of My Lectures, SPeaking Events, & Writings:

Living in Liminality: Working with the Wounds of Trauma through Altered States & Poison Medicine // VIDA

Anger as an Arrow // Totto Journal

Diving into the Darkness // Breathwork for Recovery blog // August 27th, 2018

Queering Sexual Violence & The Politics of Healing // talk at Colgate University as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month & Queer Fest // April 18th, 2017


Podcasts I've Been On:

Reconnecting to Spirit After Trauma // Unbroken Chain with Maura James // April 17th, 2019

Interview on poison medicine, trauma & working with grief // Dancing Wolves with Yarrow Magdalena Love // April 29th, 2018

A couple more are forthcoming in 2019.


Jennifer Patterson is a grief worker who uses plants, breath, words to explore survivorhood, body(ies) and healing. A queer and trans affirming and centering, trauma-experienced herbalist and breathwork facilitator, Jennifer offers sliding scale care as a practitioner through her private practice Corpus Ritual and is a member of The Breathe Network, Breathwork for Recovery, and All Bodies. She facilitates writing and breathwork workshops at healing centers, LGBTQ centers, a needle exchange and harm reduction clinic, online with the Transformative Language Arts Network, sexual violence resource centers, at colleges and universities, and in the past, veterans hospitals, the collective What Would an HIV Doula Do? and a Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish healing center. Editor of Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices from Within the Anti- Violence Movement (2016), speaks across the country, and has had writing published in places like VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, 580 Split, OCHO: A Journal of Queer ArtsNat. Brut, The EstablishmentHandJob, and The Feminist Wire. She is also the creative nonfiction editor of Hematopoiesis PressA graduate of Goddard College’s MA program, Jennifer is finishing a book project focused on translating embodied traumatic experience through somatic practices and critical and creative nonfiction. She is the author of The Power of Breathwork: Simple Practices to Promote Well-being (Fair Winds Press) forthcoming in January 2020. You can find more at corpusritual.com.