Ritual 1 & 2

Ritual 1.

21 G 1 ½ // precison glide // hip in hip // lie back lean forward // push gently then firm

more, harder, re-line lines

make an x

push in, harder


now you.

it's so fresh, bubbles up, i want to lick it

long thin lines, tracing, tracing

reach in and pull out

whats trapped in there?

can it loosen? can it be left behind?

deepest breath like ones that puff your chest out

your eyes on my eyes


take a picture

hold your hand over it

the mirror mirrors it back

its an opening


it stays.

Ritual 2.

i want to take care of you


bonesy, come lay on top of me.

place your whole body on my whole body, lets let everything touch and connect.




i want you to let it all go

put one thing down that you carry, can you?

sink in to me.

i can feel you/ can you feel me?

put all the things down that you carry


give them to me, if you can.


are you able to put something down?

you dont need to carry it all, you can share it with me, release it to me, settle around         me.


softly rest.


deep breaths, i love when i can feel them, feel so good when i can feel them.

out. in. out. in. out. in.


can you feel that? it's so strong around us.

it feels like an important moment, im trying to connect.

trying to really move into it because it is thick between us,

we are strong, between us.

dont want to miss the chance

to let go.


were you able to put something down?

was it easy to do?

how did it feel?