Datura Salve

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Datura Salve


Ohhhh datura. A night-blooming poisonous & trippy plant, it is suggested that you don’t work with it internally unless you are working with a skilled facilitator. However working with datura topically is a really wonderful way to receive support.

This salve is made in small batches— some from datura that I’ve grown and some from plants that I’ve built a longterm relationship with.

A beautiful remedy for pain (muscle—deep tissue & injuries, joint, arthritis), headaches, depression, anxiety, & insomnia. Start slowly with a dime-sized amount, or as small as possible to cover affected area and see how you feel. Slowly build up to using a bit more as you feel into the medicine of the plant.

If using for pain management, in acute moments, every 4-6 hours is ok but not longterm.

If using for sleep, can take upwards of an hour or two to help so feel free to take as you’re winding down in the evening. Best not to use every night but once a week to a few times a month is perfectly ok.

Energetically: blooming at night with the sweetest single drop of nectar the morning after, datura is a remedy for holding us between the poles of dark and light, a reminder that they are mirrors. As void medicine, it helps guide us through the emotional and energetic threshold and freewill or releasing what is no longer serving us. To allow for a death, or an ending, invites space for the new to bloom. The death needed can be parts of ourselves that need release, old narratives that bind us to the past, relationships and dynamics that don’t serve our growth that diminish or cast a shadow on love. It invites real, sustaining connection and aliveness that exists under all the wounding and old harmful patterns. It’s bold, firey, medicine of the underworld. It supports welcoming the open palm instead of believing that clutching tight is the only way through. This salve is a lovely tool for ritual and shadow work and works nicely with a flower essence of datura.

Side Effects & Warnings:

Can cause drowsiness, toxic if ingested, not suggested for mucus membranes. Do not use if you are elderly or a child, if you have a nightshade or salicylate allergy, or if you have glaucoma, heart, liver, or kidney issues.

Can be used with SSRIs.

2oz. in a glass jar

Ingredients: datura innoxia, sunflower oil, organic filtered beeswax

Storage: Keep in cool, dry place. If it melts, place in a cool area to allow it to harden. It is still effective. Will last for 2-3 years.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. 

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