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Breathwork for Rewriting Embodied Stories

  • Maha Rose 97 Green St G3, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (map)

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“Time’s been rearranged and you are new again.”- Emily Wells

Is your body tired from carrying a lifetime of violence/ harm/ grief/ pain/ worry/ fear/ shame deep in its muscles and bones? Are you feeling disconnected from yourself, your inner wisdom, your creativity, your connection to Spirit? Do you want to reconnect to the aliveness that lives alongside all the grief? As somatic containers, our bodies hold the stories of all that we experience; the stories remain embedded, often outliving their use and truth. Our bodies work to get our attention. Sometimes our bodies are really quiet. Sometimes they shut down. Sometimes our bodies offer warnings and red flags when something is off or needs to be acknowledged. They want to be seen and felt. Fully witnessing them is no easy feat but it can also be revolutionary when we are able to do so. 

Breathwork is a 2-part active meditation that helps bring attention to the physical, emotional and spiritual experiences living in our bodies. It connects us to the outdated stories we carry while reconnecting us to joy, clarity, creativity and aliveness. Breathwork reminds us we all, each of us, hold the power within ourselves to shift and heal parts of ourselves as well as our relationships to our past, even when the world outside us is a mess. It’s self-healing and you are in the driver’s seat. It’s you and your breath; the breath is the medicine and our bodies are wise. It’s a psychedelic and transcendent experience. 

So what is your body trying to tell you? In this group we will listen to and then reimagine these stories. The workshop will open with intention setting, will move into a short grounding and will follow with the active meditation. After breathing, there will be a short free write and closing. 

Come breathe into your whole body. Come rearrange time. Come feel lifted. Come feel the flame and heat of love for yourself in the fullness of all of your experiences. Bring your wise body (of course!), your curiosity, a pen and notebook, wear comfortable clothing and, if you would like to, bring an eye pillow. Open to all genders. 

Exchange: $40

Accessibility Info:
Maha Rose is on the ground floor of the building. There are a couple steps down from the main entrance but if you need support with them, Jennifer will be there to help. The space is not scent free: practitioners and workshops use natural incense and essential oils. There is a single bathroom that is not gendered and again, support is available if needed. Please message Jennifer or email at with any other questions. 

Please note: Breathwork stirs up deep emotional and physical experiences with the intention of lightening your load but it can also be a lot. It is my deep desire to create a space that feels nurturing and supportive. It is not suggested for people with traumatic brain injuries and accompanying seizures, people with a history of retinal detachment, or people who are pregnant (unless cleared by doctor). Please reach out ahead of time with any questions and concerns.