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HealHaus: Breathwork for Anger

  • juniper 639 Vanderbilt Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238 (map)

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Is your anger serving you? Harming you? Is it difficult to access? Come breathe in community as we explore. Anger, like all emotions, roots down deeply into our bodies but anger is often an emotion that many of us are told is inappropriate and so many of us learn to control, minimize and push it down. Many of us feel consumed by anger, many of us have been punished for being angry while many of us have yet to fully access it.  

Often our anger is an emotion that disguises other emotions like fear, sadness, and grief. Writer Anne Carson makes it plain: "Why does tragedy exist? Because you are full of rage. Why are you full of rage? Because you are full of grief."

There are plenty of valid reasons to be angry in these times of continued and increasing violence that so many different communities are feeling so working with anger is becoming increasingly necessary. I do not believe in “love & light” without also making room for righteous anger. This is not a workshop where we will be attempting to rid our bodies and lives of our anger. Instead, we will consider the roots of our anger, how it manifests in our bodies, if some of it needs to be witnessed and transformed, if any can be released, what of it can be held in community, and how it can be used as a powerful tool for personal and collective change.

Breathwork is a 2-part active meditation that helps bring attention to the physical, emotional and spiritual experiences living in our bodies. It connects us to the outdated stories we carry while reconnecting us to joy, clarity, creativity and aliveness. Breathwork reminds us we all, each of us, hold the power within ourselves to shift and heal parts of ourselves. It’s you and your breath; the breath is the medicine and our bodies are wise. It’s a psychedelic and transcendent experience.

This workshop is lovingly open to all genders. Bring your wise body (of course!), your curiosity, a pen and notebook, wear comfortable clothing and, if you would like to, bring an eye pillow or cover.

Please note: Breathwork stirs up deep emotional experiences with the intention of lightening your load but it can also be a lot. It is my deep desire to create a space that feels nurturing and supportive.

Later Event: October 26
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