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Grand Street: Breathwork for (all) Doulas

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After giving so much to so many, after crossing the threshold with those in your care, come catch your breath and reconnect with yourself, with the bounty of your own energy that is very much alive in you and in need of your care.

Breathwork is an active meditation that helps bring attention to the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and somatic experiences and intelligences living in our bodies. It connects us to the outdated stories we carry while reconnecting us to joy, clarity, creativity, okayness, and aliveness. The practice reminds us we all, each of us, hold the power within ourselves to shift and heal parts of ourselves. It reminds us that we are each deserving of our own care. It’s you and your breath; the breath is the medicine and our bodies are wise. It’s a psychedelic and transcendent experience.

Come clear the energetic and emotional cobwebs and build up. Come breath even bigger and more deeply than you may have ever before. Come breathe in community while connecting to yourself. Come dig up the pockets of grief and offer them your witness. Come find the parts of you that are deeply in love with every part of you begging to feel that love returned. Come give yourself permission to let go of whatever is not serving you, to invite in expansion and growth. There’s a very good chance you will leave feeling more at ease, more rested, and in love with yourself.

This workshop is lovingly open to all types of doulas-- including birth, death, and those supporting people who are transgender and gender nonconforming. Bring your wise body (of course!), your curiosity, a pen and notebook, wear comfortable clothing and, if you would like to, bring an eye pillow or cover.

Please note: Breathwork stirs up deep emotional experiences with the intention of lightening your load but it can also be a lot to navigate. It is my deep desire to create a space that feels nurturing, supportive, and restorative.