Herbal Consultations

I offer sliding-scale herbal consultations. If you’re a first-timer with herbs and want some support, or if you’re navigating a complex or particular situation, a consultation can be a really lovely way for us to collaborate.

I don't ask to see any proof and rely on your honesty and integrity when placing yourself on the scale. Sliding scale only works when the low and the high are balanced so thank you in advance for your consideration.

If you want support around what remedies could be helpful, initial herb consultations are $70-150 depending on where you fall below and also taking into consideration you access to finances through family money and support. The rate you choose includes the remedies, shipping and my consultation time. I honor, respect and appreciate whatever level you pay at. Those with ample resources or access to resources are invited to pay at the higher end of the range to help support and sustain financially accessible work. 

If you’re wondering “what is sliding scale?” or “why sliding scale?” please read more here.

What a consultation looks like:

A consultation is a collaboration between you and I to find you some powerful plant support. You will determine where you fall on the scale and will make a payment. I will send you an Intake form to fill out. We can also discuss further on the phone or in person. From there, I will put together some remedies. I have an apothecary and have a number of blends and single remedies on hand so a lot of what we do together will allow me to match your needs with what I have available. If I don't have something in particular on hand, we will find remedies that support some of your needs and I have a number of other herbalists and apothecaries I trust that I can refer you to for additional remedies.

I'm really into you getting what you need and welcome figuring out what that looks like for you.  Send me an message to discuss the consultation and let's get you some helpful remedies!

*Coined by Mia Mingus


Suggested Rate Level According to Income:

$70 if you make $25,000 and under

$80 if you make $25 - $40,000

$90 if you make $40 - $55,000

$100 if you make $55 - $70,000

$110 if you make $70 - $85,000

$120 if you make $85 - $100,000

$130 if you make $100 - $115,000

$140 if you make $115 - $130,000

$150 if you make $130,000 and above


Follow-up consultations are $40-60 (but don't include the cost of remedies and shipping. We will talk and figure out what you need and those remedies will be suggestions and will be in addition to the consultation rate). I recommend that you schedule a follow-up consultation for 3-6 weeks after the initial one. A follow-up consultation could also be helpful if you are looking to address newer concerns and/or want to go deeper with our initial work and want further support or suggestions.

If you want to order a refill of a tincture or elixir blend, please do so here by choosing the custom refill option and choosing your size. For all other refills, please email me.

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Pay It Forward

What's Pay It Forward? It's a chance for those of you with ample resources, or a desire to support sliding scale and low cost community care to donate in support of this continued work. You can read more about it here and I thank you in advance for your consideration, support and investment in this growing work.