This is just the beginning of a large resource list. Some pieces I love dearly and use often

and some have bits and pieces that have felt supportive. 


My Lectures, SPeaking Events, & Writings:

Living in Liminality: Working with the Wounds of Trauma through Altered States & Poison Medicine // VIDA

Anger as an Arrow // Totto Journal

Diving into the Darkness // Breathwork for Recovery blog // August 27th, 2018

Queering Sexual Violence & The Politics of Healing // talk at Colgate University as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month & Queer Fest // April 18th, 2017


Podcasts I've Been On:

Reconnecting to Spirit After Trauma // Unbroken Chain with Maura James // April 17th, 2019

Interview on poison medicine, trauma & working with grief // Dancing Wolves with Yarrow Magdalena Love // April 29th, 2018



Queering Herbalism BIPOC Facebook group for BIPOC // Toi Scott

We are the Sum of Our Ancestors: Decolonizing Herbalism // Toi Scott

Dark Medicines: On Seeing Patients with "Bad Habits" // Dave Meesters

Combing the Snakes // Stephanie Morningstar

Herbs and Somatic Practices for Stress, Trauma and Resilience // Larken Bunce

On Flying Ointments as Medicine // Sarah Anne Lawless

Hungry with Leaf Scars: A radical Community Herbalist's Musings on Chronic Pain // Take Care Herbals

How One Woman is Reclaiming Herbalism as a Form of Resistance // Danielle Dorsey

Poison Path Reading List // Sarah Anne Lawless

In & Out of Time: An Interview with Dori Midnight // Gina Badger

Sun Medicine/ Moon Medicine: An Alchemical Approach to Balance // David Meesters

Two Healers on Preparing for the Trump Era // Interview by Jade Marks

Winter Reverie and Rant (and why its a good time for Hawthorn) // Janet Kent

Radicle and Rhizomati: Notes from a Folk Herbalist // Lisa Fazio

Herbs to Break Habits: Herbal Support for Addiction Withdrawl // The Happy Herb Company

The Commodification of Self Care and the Terrible Act of Relentless Self Love // Take Care Herbals

10 Cheap or Free Self-Care Ideas to Stop Feeling Like Crap // Fellow Farm Workers Farm Apothecary (a note that there is an assumption that "walking is available to most people" which I want to push back on and honor the many ways people can and do move or don't move due to disability and more)

Queer Health Resource Guide // Prism Integrative Acupuncture


Trans, Gender Non-Conforming

& Genderqueer Herbal Resources:

Competent Care for Transgender, GenderQueer and Non-Binary Folks // Larken Bunce & Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich

Holistic Health for Transgender & Gender Variant Folks // Dori Midnight

Herbs for Transitioning: The Basics // Prism Integrative Acupuncture

Herbs for Transitioning: Feminizing Herbs // Prism Integrative Acupuncture

Herbs for Transitioning: Masculinizing Herbs // Prism Integrative Acupuncture


Self CARE & Community Care & Healing Work:

the courage to heal: even thinking we can access “healing” is a big courageous act as oppressed people sometimes // Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Where Does a Healer's Anger GO?: Beyond Love and Light // Asali of Little Red Tarot

Shadow Work is Active // Woolgathering & Wildcrafting

Disrupting Systemic Whiteness in the Mindfulness Movement // Dr. Angela Rose Black

Healing Justice Podcast

Psychedelics & Sexual Healing: A Talk with Dee Dee Goldpaugh // Leia Friedman of psymposia

Reclaiming Victim & Embracing Unhealthy Coping // emi koyama [Slideshow]

Self As Other Zine // Corina Dross

How We Talk About Bodies Matters // Susan Raffo

In the Declaration of Yarinacocha, Shipibo Healers Organize to Resist Spiritual Extractivism // THE SHIPIBO CONIBO CENTER OF NEW YORK

Breathwork + Anxiety // Hello Giggles

Abolition as Healing Work // Cindy Samantha

Another Closet: Addiction & LGBTQ Communities // Nat. Brut 

"Hurry Up and Heal": Pain, Productivity and the Inadequacy of 'Victim & Survivor' // Dana Bolger (No longer available online.)

Please Don’t Tell Me “I’m in a Safe Place” // Jamie Marich, Ph.D.

Death Work // Roxanne Baker and Saralee Gallien in Mask Magazine

Converting Hidden Spiritual Racism Into Sacred Activism: An Open Letter To Spiritual White Folks // Virginia Rosenberg

The Commodification of Self Care and The Terrible Art of Relentless Self Love // Take Care Herbals

How We Heal From Sexual Violence Against The Queer Community // Jennifer Patterson, Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Ida Hammer, Jen LaBarbera and Keiko Lane

Spiritual Bypassing // Ingrid Mathieu Ph.D.

The Return of the Pleasure Activist // Adrienne Maree Brown

suicidal ideation 2.0, queer community leadership, and staying alive anyway: part one of a work in progress // Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

“Positive Attitude” Bullshit: On the dangers of “radical self-love” // Chloe King

Psychedelics & Sexual Healing: A Talk with Dee Dee Goldpaugh // Interview by Leia Friedman

Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice // Worts & Cunning Apothecary


Harm Reduction & Addiction:

Dr. Gabor Maté on the Trauma Underlying the Stigma of Addiction: An Interview // The Fix

The Uses of Negativity: Survival and Coping Strategies for Those of Us Who Are Exasperated by the Empty Promise of “It” Getting “Better” // emi koyama


Trauma & Anti-Violence Work:

Decolonizing Trauma // Andrea Smith

12 Elements of Trauma-Informed Care // Molly Boeder Harris, The Breathe Network

The Fragility of Safety: Beyond the Promise of #MeToo // Bitch, Lisa Factora-Borchers

#LoveWITHAccountability Forum // Aishah Shahidah Simmons

Writings About Complex Trauma // Gwynnie Hale

Truth is a Fire I Could Not Hold // Deb Rox

Why Are So Many Adults Today Haunted by Trauma? // Gabor Maté

Freeze Leads to Survival // Molly Boeder Harris, The Breathe Network

Intergenerational Trauma // Highlights from Panel with Agustina Vidal (The Icarus Project), Cara Page (Audre Lorde Project, Kindred Southern Healing Justice), Julia Bennett (Harriet's Apothecary, Third Root Community Health Center), and Jes Kelley (Dismantling Racism Works) [Video]

Rape Culture Syllabus // Laura Ciolkowski

Dr. Gabor Maté on Donald Trump, Traumaphobia, and Compassion: An Interview // The Fix

Self-Determination and the Struggle to End Violence Against Women Living with HIV // Keiko Lane

Shame and the Kinship of Sexual Violence //Third Eye Collective


Art & Writing as Healing Practices:

Painting a Body of Loss and Love in the Proximity of an Aesthetic // Chris Abani

Cunts & Catastrophes: Trauma Play and Writing // Amber Dawn

Somatic Poetics // Thom Donovan

Our Bodies Don't Belong to Us: On Living with Trauma // Alexandra Marzano-Lesnevich


Sliding Scale as a Tool for Interrupting

the Healing Industrial Complex:

The Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice // Worts & Cunning Apothecary (and many of the additional resources below, thanks to Worts & Cunning)

A Better Sliding Scale // Worts & Cunning Apothecary

Tip It Forward // What I used as a model for my Pay It Forward program

Why Donation Based Yoga // Durham Healing Arts

Sliding Scale // Durham Healing Arts

Sliding Scale: Why, How & Sorting Out Who // Ride Free Fearless Money

13 Steps to Creating a Sliding Fee Scale for Your Healthcare Practice


Social Justice Work:

The Healing Power in Owning Our Privileges // Dom Chatterjee

Trans Women Shouldn’t Have To Constantly Defend Their Own Womanhood // Morgan M. Page

A Note to White Feminists Following Alton Sterling & Philando Castile's Deaths // Reina Gattuso

Fugitive Flesh: Gender Self-Determination, Queer Abolition, and Trans Resistance // Eric A. Stanley

Ten Lessons for Creating Safety Without Police // Tasha Amezcua, Ejeris Dixon and Che J. Rene Long

7 Questions for Ernest Allies // Siobhan's Mirror

Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing The Ally Industrial Complex // Indigenous Action Media

What Does a Woman’s Body Possess that Makes it a Woman’s Body? // Gus Allis