Single Flower & Plant Essence


Single Flower & Plant Essence


Flower essences are subtle but powerful medicine. Made with the blooms of flowers or parts of plant, the essence holds the energetic body of the plant and by introducing your body to the energetic body of the plant, incremental shifts can occur on an emotional and spiritual level. The essences are made by placing plant material in water, under the sun and moon, and then adding water and an alcohol for preservation.

I have a number of single flower essences, made by hand in Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, California, and New York. Please see the available ones below and when you Add to Cart you will be given a choice of which one to add.

Flower essences are 1oz. dosage bottles, not stock bottles. If you are a practitioner and would like a dosage bottle, please email me.


Beloved Fern // remembering balance, interconnection, calling in stillness in the swirl of overwhelm

Bindweed // for taking a deep breath & cutting energetic cords of relationships that harm more than heal

Borage // courage in the face of heavy hearts, moving away from bitterness and blame, protection of the wise inner self

Blackberry// kindness towards self and other, remembering there is no other, gentle but firm and direct communication

Canada Thistle // transforming childhood wounds & reconnecting with family

Chicory // letting go of control of others and the love they can/ can’t give us as we learn to give love to ourselves

Clematis // breaks the spell of dissociation, invites curiosity & creativity in present

Crown Vetch // gathering energy & persevering through setbacks

Datura // guide through the underworld, welcoming death to old patterns & harmful behaviors

Evening Primrose // eases fear of relationships stemming from parental harm

Elderflower // ancient and divine protection, eases fear, & builds capacity for joy

Fireweed // for burnout and stagnation, invites revitalization & renewal

Foxglove // for deep heartbreak and betrayal, a return to stillness & ones own heart

Ghost Pipe // holding us at the edges of physical & emotional pain, letting us sit outside of it, guiding us over the threshold of darkness

Honeysuckle // helps loosen deep-seated grief connected to the past

Jack in the Pulpit // inviting curiosity into the great mystery of life, & finding direction, self-determination, & self-actualization

Lilac // letting go of the past & bringing us into alignment with the present

Magnolia // connection to inner wisdom and guidance, & comfort in times of change

Moss // for releasing the harsh inner critic & staying rooted but flexible & remembering to breathe during times of recovery

Milkweed // extreme states of soul regression, returning to self, & shifting addiction

Mimosa // invites joy and the web of connection & welcomes calm after the storm

Meadowsweet // “Queen of the Ditch” a powerful ally in times of spiritual or healing crisis, inviting in flexibility, resilience, endless possibility

Monada // getting to the root of an old situation, & help with clearing energetic tangles

Moneywort // invites brightness, boldness, and courage after shock & trauma

Purple Loosestrife: letting go of scarcity fears & inviting in trust, moving past old deeply rooted fear of loss, being in right, and non-extractive, relationship with self, nature, & world

Red Tillium // guide for times of death and rebirth, welcoming pleasure & passion

Skullcap // helps to dissolve unhelpful patterns, unifies body & soul during dissociation or journeying

St. John’s Wort // inviting the light in after periods of depression, groundedness

Queen Anne’s Lace // balance of energies, invites unification when feeling fractured

Usnea // saying yes, flexibility & choosing a new story when faced with old fears & fear of change

Violet // self-acceptance, stillness, & welcoming nourishing relationships

Wild Rose // sweetness, support in reconnecting to aliveness, & a desire to reengage with life

Yarrow // energetic protection & holding boundaries

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