What is Sliding Scale? Why Sliding Scale?

I offer sliding-scale herbal consultations and breathwork sessions. I feel deeply invested in doing so; it feels like the only liberatory way to offer care, especially because oppression and violence shape who has access to wealth.

As the Healing Industrial Complex* looms bigger and bigger, part of the reason I offer sliding scale is in deep reverence to all of the practitioners who have offered me sliding scale and low cost and sometimes free care. From acupuncture to writing workshops to somatic therapy to psychedelic integration and therapeutic work to sound healing to herbs to medicine work to massage and more, literally, almost every practitioner I have personally worked with has made sure their work was accessible to me and others. It’s a huge gift and this work has a long history and i’m grateful to practitioners who know that financially accessible care is liberatory, revolutionary and quite often, leads to the people seeking care having more capacity to offer care to others. it helps remake the world for sure. 

I don't ask to see any proof and rely on your honesty and integrity when placing yourself on the scale. Sliding scale only works when the low and the high are balanced so thank you in advance for your consideration. Those with ample resources or access to resources are invited to pay at the higher end of the range to help support and sustain financially accessible work. I took a few things into consideration as I developed the sliding scale:

1. I believe in sliding scale rates because I truly want people to be able to access support in a way that is more equitable and in a way that dreams up ways to circumvent the capitalist underpinnings that are often present in holistic healing services. The Healing Industrial Complex* is a thing and I want to poke holes in it so you can climb in. 

2. I also want and need to make sure I am able to be fully present for our work, which means that my basic needs also need to be met. Knowing that my wellness and care for myself is central to the work I can offer other people, I'm trying to create multiple access points for people that also feel sustainable for me. I want to feel present, clear and committed to our work and working to have some stability in my income is one of the ways I feel I am able to get grounded in that way.

3. Not everyone works sliding scale and they have made those choices for a variety of reasons and so I also consider the rates of other practitioners and want to respect their knowledge, skill and investment in their work.  (While still offering sliding scale.)

*Coined by Mia Mingus


I offer a scale that is informed by income but Alexis J. Cunningfolk of Worts & Cunning Apothecary developed this helpful image to unpack what what financial privilege and access looks like. (And do take a read of the longer piece called The Sliding Scale: A Tool for Economic Justice.) 

Pay It Forward

What's Pay It Forward? It's a chance for those of you with ample resources, or a desire to support sliding scale and low cost community care to donate in support of this continued work. You can read more about it here and I thank you in advance for your consideration, support and investment in this growing work.